Robroyston is a fairly new area for housing but has been utilised well in the past; this page gives a glimpse into Robroyston's past.
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A great historical map of the area with
Robroyston hospital, the Colliery 
and Robroyston Railway Station 
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Robroyston has fond memories for some Glasgow folk,
chief amongst the memories is Robroyston Hospital,
this former tuberculosis and maternity hospital opened in 1918
and was still operational until 1977.

The Glendale Estate is built largely on the site of the former hospital;
some residents even have evidence
of the old tennis courts under their lawns and
can remember working in and around the hospital. 
Many Glasgow children were born in the hospital whilst others underwent
radical UV light therapy and recuperated on open air verandas in an
attempt to ease the progress and symptoms of tuberculosis. 
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Children receiving UV light treatment

circa 1922

Robroyston Hospital Exterior

A fascinating insight into the Robroyston area
in the Mid 1800'scan be found in an old tome.
Hugh MacDonald  (1817 - 1860) was a writer,
poet and was the author of a book called
'Rambles Round Glasgow'.
The book was published in 1854 and describes beautifully
the surrounding area as it was with Robroyston House still standing
and Robroyston loch in it's last days.  Also mentioned is Leglen Wood
and an account of the capture of Wallace in verse
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Amongst other local memories are the ‘Rhubarb’ fields which stretched
over towards Millerston from what is now the M80 corridor,
Robroyston House and The Wallace Memorial. 

Many people comment on the dramatic growth of housing
in the Robroyston area, whilst this is a reality there is still wide open countryside
and beautiful views of the Campsie Fells to enjoy. 
If you have memories of Robroyston that you would like to share, we would love to hear them and perhaps post some of them on this site, please let us know about them by sending mail to us via the contact us page.