Crime Prevention Advice 

Recent Housebeaking Trends

Recently there has been a number of housebreakings within the Robroyston area and

during these incidents householders car keys have been taken and their cars stolen.

Below is some advice from Strathclyde Police on Crime Prevention.

Your Home

Check doors and windows are locked – even if only popping out for a minute.

Do not leave keys in the door overnight to prevent fishing them out through the letterbox.

Avoid leaving car keys or valuables within easy reach of visible through a window or door.

Use key operated locks on your windows (this increases the time a burglar takes to get in the

window and increases the chance of being caught).

Don’t leave spare house or car key hidden outside.

When going out use a timer switch for your lights and consider leaving a radio on.

Avoid leaving tools, ladders or other items in your garden that can be used to

break in to your home.

Ensure fencing around your home is maintained and keeps gates, sheds and garages locked.

Consider property making your valuables, this makes easier to identify if recovered.

Be vigilant and keep an eye out for your neighbours and their property.


Avoid leaving possessions within your car, at the minimum lock them in the boot.

Consider an alarm, immobiliser or tracking device for your car and have the windows

etched with the VRM and VIN number.

During winter mornings never leave the keys in the ignition with the engine running to

warm it up or defrost the windows.

Do not leave sat navs within your vehicle and remove suction cup marks from the windscreen.

This information provides Crime Prevention advice only and cannot in any way be a

guarantee that any further crimes will not occur.

For further Crime Prevention advice please contact Strathclyde Police.

If you see something suspicious in your area - REPORT IT !