What happens at our meetings?

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The Community Council meet in Wallacewell Primary School.  The meetings will be held at 7pm on the first Thursday of every month.

Please click here to view the details of the meetings 2014-2015.

You are very welcome to join us at our meetings. There are usually a number of different agencies represented at the meeting; these include local government officers, our MSP and Robroyston's community police officers. We also invite speakers from agencies such as Scottish Greenbelt and Scottish Water if there is a particular issue facing the council through local residents.

Minutes for the meetings are posted here when ratified and available.
We will post the agenda for the next meeting on the front page when it is available.

Our meetings usually last from 7pm till 9pm.  We try our best to stay to these times as, like yourselves, most of us have work in the morning!   If you have something you want the council to address it is essential to e-mail us before the meeting to allow the item to get entered onto the agenda.  if this is not possible then the item must be in the hands of the Secretary before the meeting commences.

One last thing - like you, we live in Robroyston and have the same concerns as most residents. As a Community Council we will make representation to official bodies and organisations on your behalf but remember it takes all of us, as a community, to make Robroyston a great place to live.

"Do your part to keep your community safe and clean"